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We clean, strip, and wax floors, clean carpets, and provide any frequency of recurring clean you may need for your location.. Not only do we offer janitorial services, but we are also a builder’s solution to post-construction cleaning. Our cleaning company provides the most efficient commercial/office cleaning jobs and services.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Whether you are a builder in need of post-construction cleaning and finishing touches, or a home-owner making renovations to your home, we are your solution!

You can call us, fill out our request form below, or find us on social media! We will come out to do a walk through and give you a no-obligation estimate in the same day! In our gallery and our reviews, you can find why so many of our customers choose us to put the finishing touches on a big project!

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Levelland               Woodrow                                  Abilene

Wolforth                 West Lubbock                        Plainview

Idalou                     South Lubbock                       Brownfield    

Slaton                      Lubbock Country Club           Littlefield

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